March, 2023

The year 2020 was filled with unprecedented events and historical challenges. For many of us there have been many changes and ways to adapt as we attempt to continue to navigate the Covid-19 pandemic.  The Trans Voices Festival Steering Committee has chosen a new date to better accommodate the festival’s workshops, attendees, and all those involved.  

We continue moving forward with the same enthusiasm and passion that first brought us together.  Our commitment to you is unwavering in providing a safe, exciting, and fulfilling experience.  We appreciate the incredible interest and support from all of you and the community at large.


Trans Voices Festival affords an opportunity for trans and non-binary people and our allies to come together and spend time learning about and from each other, in the realm of music.

Honoring trans and non-binary voices – singing out, speaking out, hearing each other.

For our allies and loved ones – supporting you as you support the trans and non-binary people you care about.


We are guided by values of social and gender justice, inclusion, and accessibility. We support all individuals dwelling in the rich intersections of identity in our various communities. We center the voices of trans and non-binary people as teachers, experts, and leaders. Trans Voices is a safe space for exploration – ask questions, be authentic, be vulnerable. Through creating community with each other we reduce isolation, facilitate social change, and support social justice.

Special thanks to @starplasmaart (Instagram) for the wonderful artwork at the top of this page.